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Max’s BCAA 10:1:1 Unflavored

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Max’s BCAA 10:1:1 Unflavored

RM185.00 (incl. GST)

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MAX’S Branched Chain Amino Acids are the three amino acids L-leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. They are all known as essential amino acids because your body cannot actually make them so you need a constant supply every day to maintain good health. One of the key benefits of BCAA powder is their ability to stimulate protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. Other amino acids simply don’t have this capability.



While all three amino acids play a vital role in muscle metabolism, L-leucine is the key amino acid that regulates protein synthesis, particularly after the body is subjected to the trauma of hard training. Leucine controls protein synthesis through a signalling pathway called Mammalian Target of Rapamycin or mTOR.

As concentrations of Leucine increase in your system it signals mTOR that you have enough protein available for muscle building which effectively switches on protein synthesis. When Leucine levels drop, which usually occurs during and after hard training, protein synthesis is inhibited. It gets quite a bit more technical than this, but what the research is showing is that a high level of Leucine is the critical factor when considering any BCAA formula for maximum muscle recovery and protein synthesis.

Science has now validated a 10:1:1 ratio of Leucine to Isoleucine and Valine the most effective. But that’s not the whole story. Standard free form BCAA’s are relatively insoluble, meaning they are quite slow to absorb. This formula solves the issue by using fast and medium absorbing forms of these vital aminos, so be sure to buy the best BCAA powder in Australia and go with MAX’S.



Take 5 grams (1 scoop) before and 5 grams immediately after training. Can also be taken before bed to aid muscle recovery and growth while you sleep. Can be taken straight or mixed with a sports drink, juice or added to your protein shakes.

MAX’S BCAA 10:1:1 is pure essential Branched Chain Amino Acids supplements. It contains no sugars, flavours, sweeteners, or other additives, just pure BCAA’s to switch on protein synthesis. We recommend you add it to your protein drinks to enhance their muscle building effect. If you’re hard core you can also take it strait, simply place a dose on your tongue and wash down with a glass of water. 100% advanced BCAA’s for 100% results.



Can BCAA’s be taken with other supplements like Creatine or Glutamine?
Yes, essential amino acids supplements are stable and will be just as effective if they are taken in conjunction with other supplements, food or protein shakes.

How do BCAAs help me if I am dieting?
They can be used as fuel (energy) by the body like mentioned above so if you are restricting your calories and your body needs energy or fuel it goes to your muscles and your fat to get that fuel. We obviously want it to go after the fat, but we don’t want it to go after the muscle. Providing your body with Branched Chain Amino Acids throughout the day will allow it to use those for fuel if needed and prevent your body from getting the BCAAs from your muscle, which can cause loss of lean muscle.

Will it bother my stomach?
No, it should not bother your stomach. We consume Amino Acids every day with protein meals and our BCAA powder (the best in Australia) are of the same chemical design.

How long do I have to take it?
If you do not get in enough protein through regular food or other supplements then it is a good idea to continue to use MAX’S BCAA 10:1:1 particularly if you are dieting or trying to build lean muscle through strength training.

The research is very solid on the ingredients used. Aminos have been studied for dozens of years and they are an essential part of what our body needs every day to function and grow. So they are safe to consume each and every day within the guidelines presented here.

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