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Max’s Creatine x8 Unflavored

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Max’s Creatine x8 Unflavored

RM135.00 (incl. GST)

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Eight different forms of fast and sustained release Creatine are why MAX’S CreatineX8 sets the standard for bodybuilding formulas. Each hybrid has a different absorption speed and different entry point into your muscle’s energy cycles. The result – fast and sustained release for maximum energy and powerful muscle gains.



  1. Creatine Ethyl Esteris a highly soluble form of Creatine powder that uses the fat transport mechanism of muscle cells to enter quickly to replenish muscle stores.
  2. Tri-Creatine Malateis a new compound that can enter the Krebs Cycle (The process that synthesizes the high energy compound – ATP) faster than traditional monohydrate to maximise energy for training.
  3. Di-Creatine Malateis a slower absorbing version of Tri-Creatine Malate to enhance the sustained release properties of CreatineX8.
  4. Micronised Creatine Monohydrateis the best form of CM and has been scientifically proven to increase lean body mass, muscular strength, endurance and overall athletic performance.
  5. Creatine HCLis a stable acid salt of Creatine and is a medium absorption hybrid.
  6. Creatine Anhydrousis the purest form of the compound and is not bound to other transport molecules giving it a slower absorption time – ideal for a sustained release formula.
  7. Creatine Gluconateis Creatine bonded to Glucose. This improves intestinal absorption as it is absorbed in a manner similar to regular glucose, a fast-digesting sugar.
  8. Tri-Creatine Orotatedelivers a 3:1 molar ratio of Creatine to Orotic Acid. Orotic acid is a precursor to Carnosine and helps to boost cell levels of Creatine Phosphate.


Take 1 scoop (5g) of MAX’S CreatineX8 about 1 hour before your workout to maximise workout intensity. To maintain optimum levels in your muscles, take 1 serve within an hour of finishing your workout. You can take the micronised creatine powder straight by placing a scoop on your tongue and washing down with water. Alternatively, mix it with your favourite sports drink, fruit juice, or you can add it to your protein shakes.


Can I take the supplement at other times during the day?
Yes – while the times we have listed above are ideal, taking one or two serves at any time during the day will increase muscular levels and increase performance.

What’s the optimum dose to take?

We recommend two serves of about 5 grams on training days and one serve on non-training days. If you are a bigger body type (over 100kg) you can increase this dosage up to double. You don’t need big doses to get the benefits as too much will simply not be used by your body.

Some people say to take Creatine supplements with sugar or sweet drinks. Should I do this?

Sugar increases insulin secretion which in turn helps push nutrients into your muscles, so combining your powder with a sports drink or fruit juice to help spike insulin will also increase your uptake.

Try out the X8 formula and find out why Australia is fuelling workouts with Max’s.

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