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Max’s Super Shred Protein 4lbs

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Max’s Super Shred Protein 4lbs

RM225.00 (incl. GST)

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MAX’S SuperShred is our advanced high protein fat stripping formula designed to help you build the lean and ripped body of your dreams! SuperShred combines 7 nutrient systems that work synergistically to burn fat while building muscle. It is formulated for intermediate and advanced trainers who have built a solid base of muscle and now want to strip off fat to reveal lean and defined muscle. SuperShred is also suitable for bodybuilders who are dieting for competition or trainers who are finding it difficult to lose excess body fat


Stripping fat and building a lean ripped physique isn’t easy. You must reduce kilojoule input, stimulate fat burning, retain and build muscle, and not go crazy in the process! SuperShred’s unique formula makes this more attainable by combining the very best protein technology to build muscle with cutting edge nutrients to get you lean. Our key goals in designing this formula were to stimulate your body to burn existing fat, to stop your body storing more fat, and to encourage your system to build new lean muscle. This is achieved with a combination of potent carb blockers, fat metabolisers, muscle building protein and amino acids, and supporting nutrients to maximise your metabolism.



Carb Blockers – Phaseolamin and Green Coffee extract to stop carb absorption and conversion to fat

Thermogenic Fat Burners – Green Tea, Forskolin, Guarana and Carnitine stimulate fat burning to get you lean

Appetite Control – Tyrosine, Tryptophan, Phenylalanine and Zinc act on your central nervous system and appetite control centre to reduce food cravings and hunger

Protein Synthesis – High levels of certain amino acids including Leucine AKG, Taurine, and Arginine AKG turn on protein synthesis and stimulate anabolic hormone production.

Rapid Workout Recovery – Glutamine, Glutamine Peptides and BCAA’s stop muscle catabolism and increase recovery rates after hard training.

Cortisol Blockers – Phosphotidyl Serine and Theanine stop Cortisol production, a hormone that inhibits recovery and muscle growth.

Mixed Release Protein System – Whey Protein Isolate provides a quick hit of protein to your system while Casein protein is a slower release protein that digests slowly to keep you feeling satisfied for longer[/accordion]

Can I take SuperShred as a normal muscle building protein?
Yes, you certainly can. Supershred is a very high quality muscle builder. The added bonus is that it will help you build muscle and stay leaner in the process.

Can I take SuperShred before Bed?
SuperShred contains fast and slower acting proteins so it is a good protein to use before bed. While it contains nutrients to stimulate fat burning it won’t hype you up so you can still sleep soundly. We do however recommend our MAX’S Nitetime as an ideal slow release formula.

How many serves per day should I use to strip fat?
For best results we recommend 6 smaller low carb meals each day. 2 or 3 of these meals can be SuperShred shakes, and the others should be lean proteins and fibrous vegetables.

Is SuperShred suitable to take after a workout for recovery?
Yes, SuperShred is an excellent recovery formula because it contains fast acting Whey Protein Isolate and a range of free form and peptide bound amino acids that get into your system quickly to maximise recovery processes, and it also helps burn off fat for several hours after your workout.

Can I mix other supplements like Creatine, BCAA’s or Glutamine into my SuperShred Shakes?
Yes you can. Adding these nutrients, particularly to your post workout shake can enhance the recovery and muscle building potential of each shake.

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