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Befit started up in 2011, and we’ve been serving fitness enthusiast,athletes and bodybuilders their needs for sports and nutrition products. Our core objective is to help visitors reach their health and fitness goals through,
supplementation and motivation. We provide a large range of supplements and products you need for building muscle, burning fat and staying in shape.

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Supplements And Fitness Product Distribution

Befit not only sells supplements at a retail level but we also distribute supplements through our vast network of partners and retail outlets. Do you have a great product that needs to be distributed? If so contact us directly to join our network.

Pharmafreak Malaysia

Famous for their Hybrid Fat burners, they are dedicated to providing high quality supplements for body building and muscle growth. They offer a wide range of supplements ranging from : Protein, Creatine, Testosterone support, and Pre workout.


PhD Nutrition Malaysia

Known for using some of the best natural ingredients and creating supplements that taste great. Their PhD Pharma Greens is one great example of an excellent natural product. Like Pharmafreak they offer a wide range of products from : Detoxification program, Nutrition, Carnitine, Green Foods, and fat burners.