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Five Mistakes People Make in Mass Gaining


You eat everything in sight

So many misunderstand the concept of mass gaining. “Mass gaining” itself is a concept which people assume that you will gain both fats and muscle at the same time. However, even the top bodybuilder will tell you that’s all lies. To understand why you are not growing, you need to reflect upon your diet. The number one question you should ask yourself; are you eating the right things to gain weight and build muscle?

You have heard it from experts and all the gym goers; count your macros. Increasing carbohydrates and protein intake will definitely make a huge difference to your physique. But still, people make the mistake of eating empty calories which is high in sugar resulting in more fats rather than the muscle build you are looking for. Protein is key in your mass building journey; be it sourced from food and/or supplements.
Supplements play a significant role in increasing your calories for those who are not big eaters. Slipping in two-three protein shakes a day will show significant results in terms of muscle and mass building.

Working out everyday

The truth is the more time you spend at the gym, the more unlikely you are going to see growth. Why is this so? The more tension you put on your muscles, the more time it needs to repair itself. As an expert in Men’s Health says,”Your muscles grow when you’re resting and not when you’re working out”.  Spacing out your workouts and limiting them to 3-5x a week will help you achieve the results you seek.

Drinking mass gainers

That’s right; we said it – Drinking mass gainers. There are so many mass gainers in the market. How do you pick the one that’s best for you? Opt for mass gainers that do not contain too many filler ingredients. High calorie weight gain drink contains more than 80% sugar per serving. What you are really getting is a whole load of sugar and not actual  carbs and protein. Consumers have complained about diarrhea and tummy pain after consuming mass gainers – the reason for this is because our bodies cannot consume that much sugar at once. Opt for high protein content and low sugar mass gainers. Keep an eye out for the nutritional facts. DO NOT BE DRAWN IN BY THE NUMBER OF CALORIES DISPLAYED ON THE FRONT PACKAGING. Many people have misconceptions about the number of calories contained in the mass gainer because they immediately assume that the number shown in the front packaging is correct. Always be a smart consumer, check the labels.

Focusing too much on isolation exercises

We mentioned that working out everyday will deter your mass gaining journey but doing the wrong exercises is a factor too. Muscle magazines tell us to aim one body part per day – we can tell you that its not the most effective way to achieve maximum mass. Focus more on compound exercises such as bench press, squats, dead-lifts, and etc..

Sleep is for the weak

Oh, sleep, how we long for thee.  Our busy schedules have caused us to skimp on sleep. But how are we to grow if we lack sleep? Try to aim for at least 6-8 hours of sleep to help your body revitalise itself and for your muscles to grow when you’re sleeping. Trouble sleeping? Try drinking warm milk – not only does it give you the added calories but induces sleep.


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