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Fitness Supplements 101: Introduction for Beginners


To either achieve or maintain fitness requires hard work, discipline, and commitment.

To achieve results more effectively, there exist various kinds of fitness supplements that could aid you in your journey to be or stay fit in various aspects. It is important to know what these supplements do and on what certain occasion are they to be used. Here below is an introduction on how each of these supplements work and how each of them could prove itself as a benefit or support for your fitness lifestyle. Do remember, that this article focuses only on the benefits of each of them, but don’t worry, nothing more dangerous than beneficial is included in the list. Of course, it is wise to seek advice from a doctor before taking in any kind of these supplements, in case you’re allergic to some of them.

Protein Supplements

Protein! You might have heard of this word for a lot of times especially from fitness freaks. You might have seen them eating chicken breasts (which is a good source of protein) and drinking protein shakes really often. Why protein is a nutrient to fuss about when it comes to fitness is all on the benefits it could bring about to you. Immediate consumption of quality protein sources before, during, or/and after workout promotes protein synthesis, which is a process of replication and rebuilding of stronger muscle tissues, which yields the real world results of promotion of muscle growth and recovery. Not only you will see better post-workout results, but you will feel better as well, thanks to protein synthesis, which is usually invoked effectively by protein supplements.

Protein supplements come in various forms.

  • Whey protein: Quick digestion; use it around when you work out.
  • Casein protein: Gradual digestion; use it if you want to digest a protein source quickly for the day.
  • Protein bars: A very convenient form of protein source. Just snack away for protein!
  • Natural sources: Milk (80% casein), egg whites (faster digestion than casein), beef (has creatine as well) – natural protein sources albeit slower in its effectiveness can’t be replaced by supplements because of their variety of minerals that positively constitute to your well-being. Something that supplements don’t have.

For more facts on protein shakes, refer to this fact page.

Amino Acids and BCAA

Amino acids are needed when it comes to growth and repairing of muscles and tissues, or else muscle loss occurs by breaking down of body protein, affecting the post-workout result. With amino acid supplements, muscles are being built, fats are burned, and the overall muscle mass gets maintained. Some of these amino acid supplements especially BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) are vital for overworking, for it not only spare your muscles, but also energizes and motivates you to get you going as you put your all in your workout session.

Creatine Supplements

As you work out, fatigue could be inevitable. As fatigue strikes you, you might wonder on the whys, including why are you weak beyond reason. The probable reason is because you lack of creatine, which is a nitrogenous organic acid that aids in supplying energy to your body, mainly on your muscles. Natural sources of creatine includes red meat and poultry. Consumption of creatine supplements improves muscular strengths, reduces muscular fatigue sensations, improves recovery rates, increase muscular endurance capacity, and hydrates muscles for a fuller appearance.


Fish Oils

You may know that the consumption of fish oils is beneficial to the brain and all, but it is also good for other important things. With its fatty acids of Omega 3 and 6, here below are the benefits

  • Maintenance of cardiovascular system
  • Efficiency of nervous system
  • Immunity
  • Support of bones
  • Healthy cholesterol level support
  • Fat burning
  • Mood support

All of these benefits constitute to the enhancement of your overall health, and in terms of working out, you could last for a longer length of time.

Weight/Mass Gainers

If you are starting off skinny, you probably heard that you need to gain a lot of calories in order to bulk up. What comes in your mind first is to get into a habit of binge eating, which means you will literally eat a lot more than usual just to meet your calorie requirement. However, consumption of weight gainers not only stuffs you up with calories more quickly, but it also maximizes and enhances your gains, and keeps you leaner with its specially formulated dietary fats mass gainers contain. Since it contains creatine, it also promotes recovery. Sounds like protein supplements right? Not really, because the main difference between them is the what’s in the package. Weight gainers is not only packed with calories, but also with fats, protein, carbohydrates, amino acid, and creatine. It is a jack of all trades comparing to protein supplements. So, in terms of usage, take weight gainers if you’re interested to gain body mass or take protein supplements if you’re aiming for a toned body and are not interested in gaining any fat whatsoever.

The precaution is pretty much like the previous supplements in review. Make sure your organs are healthy, and stay hydrated all the time. It is of great importance to select the highest quality of weight gainers to ensure desired results and reduce risks of experiencing possible side effects. Please take note that weight gainers do not work for everyone. Therefore, if you are contemplating on getting one now, you should refer to this guide first.

Joint Support

Sometimes as you work out, you will feel pain in your joints. This is where joint support supplements come to the rescue. With glucosamine sulfate, joint support supplements slow down the deterioration of the cartilage, relieve joint pains, and improve the mobility of joints.



As much as these supplements help you, do not treat them like magical mana potions that magically produce results effortlessly. They are meant to make you work harder, so make full use of them, by working harder. Activate the beast within!


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