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Hotel Room Workout | Get Fit On The Road

Your boss has assigned you to work out of town, but instead of paying for a hotel with gym facilities, your stingy boss spent as little money as possible to accommodate you in a small room, and you barely have any space to move around.

As a dedicated person who has been working out regularly over the past few years, you do not like making excuses for not being able to exercise, so what can you do with the limited amount of space & equipments that are available to you?

Just because you do not have access to the ordinary equipments, doesn’t mean that you should reduce the intensity of your workout. The following exercises can be done in place of weighted workouts, and it can be equally challenging if you choose not to rest for too long!

Pushup – There’re plenty of push-up variations that can be done. Diamond push-up, close grip push-up, incline push-up, etc.

Squat – Find anything inside the room that can be put on your upper back for added resistance. Alternatively, hold it overhead to train your shoulders throughout the whole movement. Other variation includes single leg squat and front squat.

Deadlift – Do you bring a lot of stuff inside your luggage? Hold the end of both sides, and start deadlifting it like you’re holding a barbell.

Calf Raises – Hold any object in your hand for added resistance.

Pull-up – This one is a bit tricky, but you can do it by holding the top portion of the door. Beware though, as you might hurt your knees by going up and down repetitively. Also, this puts a lot of stress on the door hinge, and it might not be a good idea if you’re a broke person who struggles to pay his own bills.

Dips – Find a chair and place both of your palms on it. For added resistance, place objects on top of your quads.

Abs – Sit-ups, oblique crunches, leg raises & many more abs exercises variation can be done to effectively target the abs.

Inverted Rows – Find a table or a bar, put it between 2 parallel surfaces.

Bicep Curl – Stuff heavy items into a backpack, and curl it.

Superman – All you have to do is to lie prone on the floor to do it.

Handstand push-up – You might want to practice this at home before embarking on your trip, as doing it upside-down might cause disorientation.

Few Noteworthy Tips That You Should Keep In Mind
1. It’s hard to keep track of your nutrition while you’re away, so do your own research on where you can locate the restaurant that offers lean cut of meat. Alternatively, learn how to prepare your own meals on-the-go.

2. Relax, you won’t lose any muscle by not working out for a few days. It’s just the water retention that results of having a high amount of carbs in your hotel buffet.

3. Walk around the tourist attractions can be a good way to include cardio into your holiday. You can also opt for a sightseeing trip that involves riding a bicycle.

4. If you feel uneasy over the thought of not visiting the gym, remember that balancing your sympathetic and parasympathetic activities is one of the keys in helping you to achieve greater gains in the long run, and you are actually doing yourself a favour in staying away from the gym.

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