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How To Stop Eating Junk Foods

Portion Control: It’s always recommended to know how much you want to eat to control serving size. Learn how to read nutrition label, and measure your meals according to your desired calorie intake.

Be Mindful. It’s easy to grab a bag of junk foods from your shelves and chomp on it while you’re watching TV shows. If you eat foods because you’re bored or tired, these emotional eating habits can ruin a well-designed fitness program.

Pay attention to what you’re eating. Eat with a purpose. Eat slowly, and switch off the TV while you’re eating. If you can’t resist the temptation of that shiny screen, have your meal in your kitchen and don’t bring your plates out to the living room.

Pay Attention To The Scale. I am not encouraging you to weigh yourself every day, but if you can do it every 2 weeks/a month, you will feel more accountable to your own weight and there’s a higher chance that you will limit your junk food intake to prevent your weight from rising.

Don’t Skip Your Meals! Not only does it reduce your metabolic rate, you will also find it hard to prepare a proper meal when you’re hungry. As a result, you will find something that’s ready to be consumed, and junk foods are normally the first thing that comes into your mind. Consider having one meal every 3 hours, 4-6 times a day to prevent binge eating. Prepare your meals in advance, and pack it to your office so that you can control what you eat.

Drink Plain Water Before, During, And After You Eat. Drinking plain water can trick your mind into thinking that you’re full. As a result, you will give up on finishing what’s on the plate. Consuming fewer calories will also contribute to weight loss, a smoother skin, and a rise in energy level.

Start NOW. Yesterday you said tomorrow, and there will always be a tomorrow until the day you die. It’s easy to find excuses not to do something, so it’s wise to tell yourself that you’re adopting a healthy eating habit to maintain your physique, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

EAT your junk foods. You read it right. It’s not recommend for lifters to exclude a certain foods from their diet, because this will increase the chances of relapse. Set a schedule and only eat during that time. Make sure that you eat clean foods 90% of the time.

Root Goal. What’s the MAIN reason you choose not to eat junk foods? Often people will say ‘I want to stay healthy’, but deep down in their heart, they know that’s not the main reason. Perhaps they have been bullied before and they’re tired of people teasing them as fatty, or they have a loved one who died because of a certain heart disease. It’s might be something personal, so it’s understandable that you choose not to reveal it, but you should always be honest with yourself and do not let the frustration defeat you. Instead, turn it into a pile of hot coals that motivates you towards your goal.

Have a plan. Write down what you should buy from the nearby grocery store, and set a budget for it. Head into the store with the products in your mind, pay for it, and make your way out of the store right away without dwelling into the thoughts of chocolates lining up along the aisle.

Control Your Emotion. Ever seen someone who just ended a relationship with his or her partner, eating a bucket of ice cream alone in a store? When sad things happen to us, we feel anxious, frustrated, and depressed, so we will tend to find something to eat to relieve our pain. While it might reduce your pain temporarily, in the long term you might find it addictive to eat sweet foods whenever you feel stressed. Do not get addicted to it and learn to control your mind.

Surround Yourself With Supportive People. The main reason that most people are obese nowadays is because of their social ties. When the people you meet on a daily basis looks the same as you, your eyeballs are used to it, hence your mind will think it’s acceptable to be fat. Try discussing with your loved ones about the possibility to join a gym and work out together. Make sure that you ask for family package when you register as a member to save some money.

Substitute. Craving for chips? Have a plate of self made sweet potato chips. Can’t take those sugars off your coffee? Try a few dips of Stevia instead of sugar cubes. Your mind will quickly adapt to it, and you will change your eating habit faster than you ever thought.

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