Lose and Gain Weight with The 3 Meal a Day Diet Plan
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Lose and Gain Weight with The 3 Meal a Day Diet Plan

Unhealthy eating habits if oftentimes the culprit to many diseases on the planet. Eating healthy is the way to go, as most people would say. But what exactly is healthy eating? Does it mean you have to forget about eating your favorite pizza and burger altogether and your favorite soda and start eating grass (I mean greens!) from morning till night?


Good news; not exactly.


If you’re one of those people who take a sip of coffee in the kitchen and bite a muffin before you storm your way out the door for work only to buy another bagel or sandwich by the vending machine then you should keep reading.


Losing and gaining weight and muscles require that you have an adequate intake of nutrients to power your body within the day. People who work out in particular should also pay attention to the kind of food they eat and how often should one eat as they differ in caloric requirement.


In fact you either gain weight or lose weight without having to starve or gormandize food respectively. By following your regular 3 meal a day plan, you can achieve fine results. The secret is choosing the right food to eat as well as having quality nutrient intake in your body. Let’s discuss this further.

Daily Caloric Estimator


Your daily calorie needs depends on your level of activity. If you are not moving enough that extra calorie intake will be stored in your body as fat. To avoid this you have to do some physical exercise to drastically burn them. Decreasing calorie intake is good but starving yourself is not an option.


Most people would desperately force themselves into starvation in order to lose weight. Some would go into a lethal starvation and exercise combo which is worse. The secret is to focus on eating three meals a day, increasing your physical activity. For people suffering obesity, a gradual decrease in food intake is advised.


A daily caloric estimator is useful as it calculates your daily caloric needs just by using your body statistics such as age, gender, height, weight, and physical exercise level. You may do this on your own or consult a certified dietitian for guidance.


While daily caloric estimator is a good start to help you craft the best plan of action for your health, it’s important to know that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all calorie recommendations. Understand your body and find out what works best for you. A dietitian will factor in your physical activity level as well as your body statistics including your age to help you come up with a diet plan.


Better breakfasts, lunches, and dinners


The right breakfast is packed with some healthy protein from peanut butter, egg, yogurt, or hummus. You can also have some whole fruit for more fiber and vitamins. Take 3-4 oranges to create an 8 ounce glass of orange juice. Add some iced water for a more refreshing taste. Cereals and oatmeal with milk are good, too. Plain oatmeal and cereals are better those loaded with sugar. Toss some apples and berries for a more nutritious meal.


Lunches can be healthy and fun with these lunch ideas. Instead of the usual salad of lettuce and tomato you can try some beans, fruits, cheese, fish, and some olives. The usual canned sardines, mackerel, and tuna has almost the same nutritional value as the fresh ones and they can give you the right amount of omega-3s and protein you need for the day.


And for dinners, a lighter meal is recommended for better sleep. Pasta meals are the perfect solution for quick yet healthy dinner meals. After your pasta cooks, toss beans, canned fish or sardines, tuna, and you’re ready to eat.


If you’re a sucker for burgers then perhaps you can replace beef burgers with turkey burgers. Same taste but less the fat. A veggie burger in some restaurants is also OK. Chicken sausage is better than pork sausage so better find that the next time you hit the grocery stores.

Special caloric and protein requirements


Not everyone has the same calorie and protein requirements. People who are sick or needs special medical attention require different calorie need as well as those who engage themselves in some sort of physical activities such as working out or body building.


For this reason, it is best to seek the help of a professional dietitian to better guide you on what food to take as well as its frequency. A dietitian will factor in your physical activity level as well as your body statistics including your age to help you come up with a diet plan.


Those who are working out or involved in bodybuilding would benefit from an increase in protein intake. The best source of protein that is proven safe and effective is whey protein. The Max’s Whey Isolates is the perfect supplement to help fitness enthusiasts gain muscles without the usual bloated feeling.


Need expert advice on which protein supplements to take as well as some healthy eating options for you? Contact us and speak to one of our fitness professionals. Happy eating!





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