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WH(e)y Farts


WTF ! Series 2.

Protein Shakes and Flatulence – THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH !

There are many whey supplements in the market, from the outright established products like ON 100% Whey, MuscleTech NitroTech to the newbies like Gaspari Isofusion and USPLABS Oxy Elite Protein.

Without naming names, there are certain products, after consumption, i swear I can fart a fireball that smells like death ! Not forgetting to mention bloated uneasy feeling for hours.

Lets examine the causes.
1. Lactose intolerant.
Whey protein is great for building muscle, but it’s derived from milk. For sensitive individuals, choose products that has more whey isolate content since it has the less lactose, different story for whey concentrate though, for it contains lactose and the amount vary from products to products.

2. Quality of your whey product. Some lower cost product has fillers to enhance flavor. This in return cause bloating or gas. My preference has always tilt towards whey isolate, as it has lesser lactose.

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2 Replies to “WH(e)y Farts”

  1. ken says:

    how much the Universal protein with tee,including delivery fee to sabah,please give me a text to let me know ya

  2. cliffphon says:

    HI Ken, You can check out this page:

    Price is RM 160/Unit. Kangaroo express charge RM 12/kg. As Ultra Whey Pro is 2.5kg, the delivery alone is RM 36. Total is RM 196.



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