15 benefits of whey protein and supplements
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Benefits of Whey Protein


What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a type of one of the main groups of protein that is found in milk. This is isolated from a cheese liquid by-product called whey. It contains all the essential amino acids and serves as an alternative to milk for people who may be lactose intolerant. Whey protein is a mixture of various ingredients in approximate measures which are 65% beta lacto globulin, 25% alpha lacatalbumin, 8%bovine serum albumin and immunoglobins.

There are three types of whey protein:

Whey protein concentrate which contains low levels of fat, high levels of lactose and compounds that are bioactive. The percentage of protein in the whey protein concentrate will depend on how concentrated it is with the lower concentrates having thirty percent protein and the high concentrates having ninety percent. These products do not go through an advanced filtering process and will include some fats and carbohydrates. They are absorbed slowly and are therefore less expensive.

Whey protein hydro lysate which is considered as the predigested form of the whey protein because of undergoing partial hydrolysis. It therefore, does not require as much digestion as the other forms and has the benefit of increasing insulin with the result of providing more power for the muscles.

Whey protein isolate is a type of whey protein which has been further processed using an advanced filtering process resulting in the removal of all the fat and lactose. This product has a high level of protein by weight usually over 90% and is the highest quality of whey supplement and also the most expensive. This whey protein supplement is fast acting because they are quickly absorbed in the body and result in being effective immediately.

Whey protein has a number of health benefits which are:

Sports related benefits-

  • They have a high concentration of BCAAs used to maintain and repair lean muscle tissue after exercise and prevent muscle breakdown.

  • Helps maintain enough stores of glutamine.

  • Sustains lean muscle by increasing glutathione levels and improving body composition and this enhances exercise performance and maintains immune health.

  • Provides additional energy because it is a high quality protein that is easily digested.

  • Helps prevent fatigue during the intense and longer duration sports.

  • Maintains a positive nitrogen balance in athletes.

Strength training and whey protein bodybuilding benefits-

  • Strength training athletes and bodybuilders can consume the supplement protein body building immediately after a workout because it is fast acting and efficiently absorbed and this speeds up recovery. Athletes have focused for long on carbohydrate intake and little attention to protein, but serious athletes that need endurance need an amount of protein above the normal adult recommended daily allocation. This is because the maintenance, repair and growth of lean muscle will all depend on it as well as immune function. Lack or low protein will lengthen the recovery time and causes muscle weakness making an athlete susceptible to fatigue and lethargy.


Immune related benefits-

  • Fuels the immune system due to the high concentration of BCAAs that help manufacture glutamine.

  • Supports the immune system due to the enhancement of antibody response.

  • Improvement of antibody responses in the intestinal tract.


Weight management benefits-

  • Gives a feeling of fullness and therefore suppresses appetite.

  • Increases the loss of fat and promotes muscle tissue that is lean due to the leucine component.

Benefits to the whole body –

  • Improves and stimulates muscle protein synthesis in individuals.

  • Blood pressure is lowered and the risk of stroke and heart disease is reduced.

  • Whey protein contains an amino acid part that is closely identical to that of skeletal muscle.

  • Whey protein supplements taken before exercise makes sure there is more effective fat utilization including preservation of the muscle.

  • Whey protein may improve the immune response in children with asthma due to an improvement in cytokine response.

Gastrointestinal system benefits-

•It Provides a protective and anti-microbial effect against ulcers and other gastric mucosal issues.
• It is a source of bioactive components that have anti-microbial and anti-viral properties which aid in the promotion of intestinal health.
•The whey protein is rapidly digested and absorbed effectively which helps stimulate protein synthesis.
• Helps glutamine status in the periods of illness and causes an improvement in weight gain.
• This source of protein is easily tolerated in individuals who have lactose intolerance.

Whey protein side effects

When used in high doses, it can cause increased bowel movements, nausea, bloating, cramps, a reduction in appetite, fatigue and headache.Other effects may be damage to the kidneys, liver, osteoporosis development and at times an allergic reaction which can manifest in the form of rashes, hives or swelling of the face and tonguements.

Q & A on whey products:

How is whey protein produced?

Whey protein is produced when milk is left and coagulates; it then turns into a five percent solution of lactose in water that is loaded with minerals. This is whey and makes 20% of the protein and 80% cassein.This liquid whey is separated from casein and filtered to remove all non-whey products. The final stage will involve removing the water from the whey through turning into a powder. This protein will then be ready to be packaged.

What makes whey protein a best seller?
Because it is a higher quality protein than milk, egg and soy. Whey protein is low in calories, carbs and fat making it perfect for dieters. Whey also digests much faster than all the other proteins and can be used by individuals who cannot tolerate lactose. Taste good and is ideal for people of all ages.


Do other foods contain whey protein?

It is not found in any other foods except as a byproduct of the process of cheese making.

What are types of Whey Protein that are available?
There are 3 major types of whey protein which are the concentrate; the isolate and the hydro lysate.

Does the use of whey protein show any side effects?
Yes but are rare, as the benefits outweigh the side effects.

In conclusion when buying whey protein supplement, choose the whey products that are good quality and will give value for money. The label should be read to confirm the nutritional content and therefore the value of the whey protein.

Recommended Whey Fitness Supplements

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4 Replies to “Benefits of Whey Protein”

  1. wei kit says:

    hi i would like to ask if we should take the protein before or after workout?And what are creatine for? Thanks

    1. cliffphon says:

      Hi Wei Kit,

      Best time to take protein is before and after workout actually. Your muscle cells absorbs best at that window.

      Creatine helps increase strength, power, performance, and muscle gains. It is involved in the production of ATP which is like fuel for your muscle cells.

      Hope this helps.


  2. yusramj@zonhotel.com.my says:


    Can I combine taking API Fat Burner (on it now) & this Universal Ultra Whey Pro together? Or taking 1 of those mentioned is supplement is good enough?

    Thank you.

    Yusrad MJ

    1. Sean Wong says:

      Hi Yusrad,

      In a nutshell, taking a low calories whey based supplements and a thermogenic fat burners like API ADVANCED is indeed a strong fat loss combination.

      UNIVERSAL WHEY PRO is one of the better quality low calories whey protein in the market.

      If your goal is to build lean muscle while shedding body fat, taking both will be optimum, whereas taking a thermogenic fat burner alone will suffice if your primary goal is weight loss.

      Hope this helps.

      Please do us at 010-232 2284 for any further enquiries.

      Yours in fitness,
      Sean Wong.

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