WTF ! Introduction -
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WTF ! Introduction

WTF ! 
( We Talk Fitness ! ) 

Yes,we runs sports nutrition and supplement business.And yes, we love selling products to our consumers. We love it so much we have been doing it daily for the past few years ! From a humble beginning in peddling supplement products from door to door , we are proud to say now that we have our very own warehouse and retail outlets !

Yet, what we love the most, is to be able to share our passion and knowledge in fitness field. Thousands of satisfied clients are able to transform their physique from scrawny to brawny, and the fat to fit !

We believe we can transform fellow Malaysians to a fitter lot by sharing our experience in nutritions, training methods , and mix in some gym humors that we can relate to ! How’s that for a fun learning ?

Hence, we created WTF ! , Malaysia’s owned and FIRST fitness-based comic series, where we will literally tackle various fitness faux pas, from questions like ” Do i need to stop eating carb at 7pm to lose fat ? ” , ” Why lifting lighter weight in proper form is better than heavy with loose form ” to the ridiculously funny ” Does consuming certain supplements will change my sexual preference ? ”

Follow the fitness journey of our characters, Befit’s mascot, TYGER-FIT, and EAGER-ADAM, a newbie that is eager in developing his physique, and its a sincere hope of us, that our readers will benefit and grow along with us.

Yours in fitness,
Sean Wong.
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