Total-Body Fat-Torching, Stamina Boosting Circuit Workout -
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Total-Body Fat-Torching, Stamina Boosting Circuit Workout

Always on the go & couldn’t visit the gym as frequent as you wish? Want to shed off some belly fat but don’t feel like paying for gym membership? Try this home circuit workout routine out and watch as you get leaner and better conditioned.

Warning: This workout is brutal and not designed for wimps!

What Is Circuit Training?
Circuit training is a form of routine done by performing one exercise after another. For example, you’ll start off with a set of push ups, followed by a set of different exercise & continue switching until you finish all the exercises in your routine.

Such workout regimen combined the elements of both weight lifting & cardio, & exercises are often performed with minimal or no rest between each set to improve your conditioning level while burning fat & build muscle at the same time.

Perform the following exercises for 4 rounds, 30 seconds each. Rest for 30 seconds before starting a new round.

Equipment needed: Light dumbbells (Make sure to drop your ego and go for lighter weights, as the weight gets heavier at the later stage!)

ExerciseMuscle Worked
Push UpsChest, triceps
Dumbbell Bent Over RowDelts, traps
Upright RowDelts
Squat & PressGlutes, quads, hamstring, shoulder, triceps
Close Grip Push UpsTriceps, chest
Mountain ClimbersAbs, quads
Toe TouchesAbs

Circuit training is often overlooked by gym goers, but it has its place in a well-rounded regimen. Whether you’re trying to get ripped or just giving looking for a challenge, this time-saving circuit routine can definitely help you achieve your goals.

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